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Darwin Croc Farm
The Darwin Crocodile Farm, situated in Darwin's rural hinterland is a well established tourist attraction and one of the largest commercial crocodile breeding farms in Australia, with worldwide sales of crocodile leather, crocodile skins, crocodile flesh and other crocodile products.

Crocodylus Park
Crocodylus Park is the best place in Australia to come face to face with the largest reptiles on the planet! Built upon 25 years of experience in crocodile research and conservation, the park plays host to thousands of crocodiles as well as several species of primates, birds and other reptiles.

Darwin Hovercraft Tours
Frances Bay Drive, Stuart Park, Experience this fantastic A/C Cruise Flying on water around the Darwin harbour Phone (08) 8981 6855.

Territory Wildlife Park
Operated by the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory, this Park demonstrates the relationships that exist out in the wild, between the unique native plants and animals of the region.